The Dreaded 9 to 5 – An Argument for Self Employment

by Firefalls on February 4, 2011

Doesn’t it just suck when your hours are supposed to be, say 9 to 5 but if you even thought of leaving at five without a valid excuse (doctor’s appointment, funeral..) you actually feel guilty?

Ok, so it might be wishful thinking when using the term 9 to 5, in reality it’s probably more like 8 to 6 or 8 to 8 (depending on your chosen field). So what is someone who wants to actually have a life ( read: freedom) to do?

Well first let me backtrack on why I can’t stand the idea of a “9 to 5” setting. It’s just that, your hours are set, so no matter how long a particular task takes you, you have to be there from 9 to 5?

Does that make sense?

What if I was twice as efficient at my job then the person sitting next to me, I’d finish the same task in four hours that would take them eight hours, but here’s the kicker, I’d just be given more work to do without any extra compensation. Meanwhile the slower person would still get his or her regular salary.

Ok, I know some people would argue that the faster employee may get compensated better than the inferior counterpart, but you know more often then not that is not the case. Plus, nobody aside from payroll knows what everyone else makes so you would never know anyway.

These problems suck the quality of life from people, they don’t inspire people to do better, more efficient work because it seems in this culture, the more you do the more you get. Which would be great if your compensation increased with your workload, but thanks to the “great recession of 2009” an increasing amount of companies have the attitude “You’re lucky to even have a job”. Interpret this to mean “Don’t complain about doing double the work for the same money.”

Ok what can we do, well of course we can jump online start a blog and bitch about it. Sure that’s easy, but it also doesn’t pay the bills. (Although it may help a little if you click on one of the links on the right 😉 )

What I am talking about is taking your skills and start consulting for companies. This solves all problems with the dreaded 9 to 5?

    1. You get paid for specific tasks.
    2. You get paid for the amount of hours you work.
    3. You set your schedule.
    4. You can work with as little or many companies as possible.
    5. You can actual hire people to do your work for you (employees) – Imagine hiring someone to do your work in your regular 9 to 5, the company pays you $100,000 but you find someone to do the job for $75,000 and you keep the difference.
    Well with consulting you can !

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