A Surefire way to Overcome Writer’s Block.

by Firefalls on January 18, 2011

Writers Block, what was once considered a problem for book authors has transformed itself into a real nuisance for those of us trying to make a living online. Fresh new content is what keeps people interested and coming back to your site regularly. So what happens when you know you need to get something out to you readers, newsletter subscribers or just want to get a new product to market but can’t find the words or ideas to even get started?

In the information age we now live in… you’re TOAST !!!

So what’s the solution, how do get going when drawing a blank? The solution I’ve found that works for me most of the time is to simply… WRITE SHIT DOWN !!!

Even if it has nothing to do with anything you ever dreamed of writing, writing stuff down gets the minds working and gets ideas flowing. The funny thing about the mind is it will take whatever you write down and somehow back into the story you wanted to write in the first place. Either that or it forces you to take a look at something a little differently which gets you to think a new idea though. As I’m thinking I’m writing it down, I keep writing until I have a decent rough draft. Then it comes down to some tweaking and Viola! a finished piece.

This is sort of like being back in school. You have a report due at the end of the month and it seems like you have plenty of time, too much time to worry about it now. Plus there’s a game on this weekend and a party tonight. same thing next weekend, and the third weekend of the month.

Now it’s Friday night and this report is due on Monday, no problem you have time, plus you have a hot date tonight.

Ok Saturday I’ll start, except you forgot about skiing.

Ok it’s Sunday, now you’re out of time. You’re thinking “Crap why didn’t I do this earlier?” and to top it off you have absolutely no idea what the hell you’re going to even write about. If you were anything like me this kind of stuff never affected you. No matter what I always knew it would get done. Without having a clue about what the final result would remotely look like I knew I’d get it together and pull it off.

That’s what you have to do when you get writer’s block and can’t get going :

    1. Don’t Panic
    2. Grab your favorite pen
    3. Write Shit Down !!!!!!!!!!

A journey of thousand miles begins with one step, so as a novel begins with one word.


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