A Little “Me” Time

by Firefalls on November 3, 2010

Here’s just a quick idea that I’ve been using recently (with great success) to both, relax and break through writers block, or whatever form of procrastination you find yourself in.

Sometimes my greatest ideas come to me while out taking my dog for a walk.  Elvis, my Basset Hound, walks very leisurely so I can really enjoy a nice quiet morning stroll. I just love that time of the morning where there are no cars racing up and down the street, no kids out playing yet, hardly anybody outside. The loudest noises I consistently hear are birds chirping. I hear the occasional rustling of leaves but other than that it’s pretty silent.

It’s times like this that I get a lot thinking done, planning.

Try this, next time you find yourself in need of a good idea, either put a leash on the dog, or if you don’t have a dog or have a crazy dog like my last dog SGT. just walk by yourself a few blocks.  Instead of mindlessly walking the dog or yourself use this time to think. I find it almost meditative to walk a few blocks on a quiet morning and the funny thing is I get some really great ideas while taking this “me” time. (Plus it keeps Elvis from getting too overweight as well).

Since it’s not as spontaneous to whip out a pad of paper and start writing while walking my dog, I’ve been recording the ideas that come to me has been with my iPhone (Any voice recorder will do just fine) I just record a voice memo for each idea or next step in my plan and then transcribe them when I get back home or the next time I actually do some work. If you don’t have a voice recorder by all means use a small pad and pen but if you have a voice recorder definitely give it a try. Plus. I can talk a lot faster than I can write.

So remember, early to rise, have a quick cup of coffee, get your shoes on (and any other articles of clothing you deem appropriate) leash up the hound and get walking. While walking, take nice deep breathes, think of how peaceful it is right now, and how chaotic it will be in a few short hours and before you know it new ideas and plans for things that have to get done with start coming to you.

Enjoy and don’t forget to use all of the great ideas that you record !

“When the mind relaxes you make it easy for ideas to get in”


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